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Sacrifices and Sufferings – History Challenge 11/28/11

This history challenge is now closed and the winner was Ashley from CA.

This week’s prize is a $10 gift card to JM Cremps

Answer the following question below and submit your information to be entered into the drawing. For club members, be sure add 2 bonus points to your tally sheet.


December 1777

After defeats to the British in the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown in the fall of 1777, the Continental Army encamped at this Valley for the winter. Over a hundred years later Henry Armitt Brown described the experience of the soldiers there: "...Danger shall not frighten nor temptation have power to seduce them. Doubt shall not shake their love of country nor suffering overcome their fortitude. The powers of evil shall not prevail against them, for they are the Continental Army, and these are the hills of Valley ___! ... The heroic dead who have suffered here are beyond our reach. No human eulogy can make their glory greater, no failure to do them justice can make it less... Their trials here secured the happiness of a continent; their labors have born fruit in the free institutions of a powerful nation; their examples give hope to [all]... their memory is cherished in their children's hearts, and shall endure forever."


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